Private Lesson Policies and Procedures

Monthly Tuition Schedule for September 2020-June 2021

(Rates are equalized over the 10 month school year Sept-June):

Day Start Date Final lesson No. of Lessons Monthly cost 30 min lesson Monthly cost 45 min lesson Monthly cost 60 min lesson
Mon Sept 14 June 21 33 $108.87 $148.50 $194.70
Tues Sept 8 June 22 38 $125.36 $171.00 $224.20
Wed Sept 9 June 23 37 $122.06 $166.50 $218.30
Thurs Sept 10 June 24 38 $125.36 $171.00 $224.20
Fri Sept  11 June 18 36 $118.76 $162.00 $212.40
Sat Sept 12 June 19 33 $108.87 $148.50 $194.70
Sun Sept 13 June 20 33 $108.87 $148.50 $194.70

Payment options: Please pay your non-refundable 34.00 registration fee at the time of registration.

Pre-authorized credit card payments: Your MasterCard or Visa is charged on the 1st of each month according to the chart below. Please contact us if there are any changes to your account information throughout the year. If a card is declined for whatever reason, you will immediately be informed and lessons can be withheld until payments can be resumed. There is a $25 fee for declined credit cards and an alternate credit card will be requested for our records upon first declined process.

Post-dated Cheques: Post-dated cheques are required at the time of registration for the 1st of each month (e.g. Sept 1st, Oct 1st, Nov 1st, Dec 1st, etc.) according to the chart below. Cheques can be made payable to Tina Tate. NSF charge is $25 Credit card information is required on file. In the event that the payment is not received by the first of each month, your credit card will be charged for the lesson amount and the NSF fee. Failing the successful processing of your credit card, lessons will be withheld until the matter is resolved..

E-transfer: An e-transfer to for the registration fee on the 1st of every month according to the chart below until June 1st. Credit card information is required on file. In the event that the payment is not received by the first of each month, your credit card will be charged for the lesson amount and a non-process fee of $25. Failing the successful processing of your credit card, lessons will be withheld until the matter is resolved.

Please Note: Lessons will not be given without pre-authorized credit information or receipt of post-dated cheques for the entire term (Term = Sept – June or applicable months at the time of registration).

Missed lessons: due to forgetfulness, travel, schedule conflicts, parent-teacher interviews, birthday parties, social events, traffic etc. are not made up or refunded.

Make- up Lessons: Are not available. However, so that the time is not wasted, you are welcome to replace yourself/your child with a friend/or family member of yours (who is not already part of the Music for Life School) to use your lesson time if you are unable to attend your lesson. The same person must be within the general area and will qualify up to twice a school year. Please let the administration know if you will be taking advantage of this offer at least 24 hours prior to the lesson that you wish to transfer: 6043382742

Credits: Credit for a cancellation will be issued toward the summer semester (and will expire on August 31st of that same school year) under the follow circumstances:

  • Student illness (only if notice is given by 9am the day of the lesson). Issued up to a maximum of two times a year and a doctor’s note is required.
  • Special circumstances – death in a family, severe illness/injury of a close family member.
  • Drop-in Students are not eligible for credits

Refunds: Are only issued due to teacher cancellation in the event a substitute teacher cannot be found in time Music for Life reserves the right to replace a teacher for whatever reason it sees fit.

Drop-In Students: A student is considered to be on drop-in schedule if he/she is attending less than weekly lessons and are subject to the drop in rate (see rates page).

  • All drop-in lessons must be paid for at the time of booking.
  • Drop-in lessons are only eligible for transfer (see make-up lessons above) and cannot be rescheduled for any reason.

Termination of lessons during the school year (permitted between October 1st and April 1st):

  • Written notice is required before the 1st of the month. After notice has been given, lessons will be available and charged for to the end of the following month (this is considered the “month of notice”). For instance, if notice is given on February 28th the month of notice would be effective March 1st through March 31st.
  • Music for Life reserves the right to terminate and/or refuse service to students unable to benefit from being a part of the school.

Summer Session (July-August): Once you know your vacation schedule, book and pay for only the lessons you are able to attend during the summer session. Booking for summer begins first week of June.
Missed lessons for any reason are not rescheduled during this session.

Home/Virtual lesson information:

  1. Teachers are given a reasonable amount of time between lessons. Due to technical, safety, and/or traffic issues, it may be necessary that they occasionally arrive within 5 minutes on either side of your lesson time. They will give you your full lesson time from when the lesson starts.
  2. We require one parent/guardian at home for the duration of the lesson with a minor. If a teacher arrives and there is no adult present, they will leave/end the meeting and the lesson will still be charged.
  3. Please have your device set up so that the student and instrument are in the frame. For all instruments, it is important to to be able for the teacher to see your hands and posture.
  4. If you are late arriving for your lesson, your teacher will wait up to half the lesson time before leaving/ending the meeting. The lesson will still be charged.
  5. Please address any scheduling/payment/administration issues to or call 6043382742. Teachers are not responsible for any of these matters. For safety and confidentiality reasons, teachers will not accept payment or registration papers.
  6. Please ask any general questions you may have about your lessons/instruments/material/performances etc. when your teacher arrives or you may also call/email/text Music for Life School of Music at any time. Of course, specific questions may arise during the lesson also.
  7. Your home does not have to be pristine by any means. Teachers are not there to judge. They may make suggestions for an optimal learning environment from time to time.

For any other policy questions or more information please contact Music For Life, White Rock’s premiere music school today.