Music For Life’s Philosophy

We make music a friend for life and strive for a successful musical experience with every single lesson. We understand that each student comes with their own strengths and weaknesses. Our skilled teachers help develop the love of music and provide the motivation to do their best. As in life, some weeks are better than others. We understand that life happens and try to incorporate music into daily life by utilizing it during all different life events. Learning to work through situations with music rather than making it a separate aspect on the large plate of activities and responsibilities will hopefully ensure the priority given to this valuable skill.


Music for Life students can expect a very supportive and encouraging environment filled with a variety of different activities and approaches to learning. The lessons incorporate listening to music, instrument care and knowledge, theory, rhythm, music history, ensemble playing and practical applications. Playing any instrument should remain challenging, intriguing, and pleasurable at all times. A deep sense of accomplishment comes from being able to achieve a task or understand a concept that would have seemed impossible only one week before.


Whether you’re looking to ace the Royal Conservatory of Music exams or play as a hobby musician, our teachers guide you every step of the way. Our biggest hope is that the students of the Music for Life School of Music always find a place in their hearts and lives for music.


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Mission Statement

“The Music for Life School of Music provides in-home music lessons to students of all ages and levels. We are committed to dynamically enhancing our students’ lives through music. Our teachers are professional, university trained musicians and are valued immensely. We strive to maintain open communication between all parties (students, their family, teachers and administration) in order to provide the absolute best quality of private music education catered specifically to each student’s needs.”

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