Three Reasons to Attend Your Christmas Music Recital

Christmas is approaching and there are so many things to do, events to attend and/or host, and people to see. . . attendance at your child’s music recital may not be on the top of your list. For the students, the thought of getting up on stage in front of your family and a bunch of people you probably don’t know may not be your idea of the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon. However, consider the next three reasons to show up for your Christmas Music Recital and perhaps you will reconsider. . .

  1. It’s going to be a valuable experience. Music recitals at our school are set up in such a way that it is a VERY positive experience. Our Christmas and Spring recitals are held at a local seniors’ home and the residents get such joy from having our students there. We are now learning how important it is for the young and elderly to be integrated. This is a perfect opportunity to not only get on stage but to reach out to others and make a difference, especially during this season.
  2. Perform!  Perform!  Perform!  The more performing one does, the easier it becomes! Plain and simple. We offer 3-4 performance opportunities throughout the school year. Take advantage of as many as you can and add some of your own for family and friends!!! We provide a safe, supportive atmosphere in which it’s okay to try things out, make a mistake or try something twice when necessary. That is what being a student is all about. Music students are all in the process of improving themselves (heck, all musicians are refining their skills on a regular basis). Performing at a recital allows you to discover how you react to performing under some pressure. It will give you valuable information about your thoughts, feelings, and physiological responses when under pressure. Then you can find ways that best help you to cope with it; all you need to do is start, then keep showing up. Here’s a great article on dealing with performance anxiety.
  3. Watch and learn.  Even if you’re not ready to perform or you change your mind at the last minute it will still be extremely valuable to watch the other students perform. You’ll know what to expect the next time, you can practice being a good audience member, and you can cheer on your fellow students. Make the commitment to attend and you’ll be glad you did!

Let us know how your next recital goes!

Tina Tate, Artistic Director/Owner/Operator

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